• GoodGuide Launches iPhone App That Scans Green Products

  • GoodGuide-iPhone-green-products1.jpg
    Eco-conscious consumers can now scan products with their iPhone to add green products to their shopping carts. GoodGuide has created a iPhone application which can scan and read bar codes of the various products. It has become so easy, just scan the barcode with back of your iPhone, see the green ratings and make informed choices. This application makes iPhone itself one of the greenest gadgets since its enabling us to go green.

    GoodGuide uses its licensed RedLaser barcode scanning technology for this new iPhone application which is available for free from Apples iTunes App Store. It gives instant rating from stored information of about more than 50,000 products and their companies starting from personal care to household items. One can even scan to see if toddler’s toy is safe or not. Shopping with this iPhone appl is going to be fun and one can hope that there will be flood of green products in the markets eyeing for green ratings. Modern technology is almost leaving no room of excuses and now all that we need is a will to opt for green products and do our bit to save our health and environment.
    via Inhabitat