• Future iPhone to be powered using solar panels tucked under the touch panel

  • solar_iPhone_patent.jpg
    Energy loving tech-savvy geeks are bound to drool and dream of this one. A solar powered iPhone! Apple has recently patented a design for their future solar powered phone, with its solar panels neatly tucked away and away from the naked eye. So where exactly are energy absorbing cells hidden? Remember the iPhone’s huge touch screen? Bingo! Beneath the beautiful large touch surface, are nestled the solar cells, turning the touch panel into an energy harvesting surface. The multi-touch surface will play host to the cells, meaning the body of the iPhone will remain unchanged, and without any solar cells sticking out the back.

    Apple also plan to have the iPhone’s back panel use a non-metal surface, which will enable the use of a double-sided solar panel design. This would enable an increased amount of energy to be harvested and used, meaning a longer talk-time and increased usability before the battery drains. Yet another great innovation by Apple, the solar powered iPhone.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on June 3, 2010