• Free eco-friendly ‘intelligent’ refrigerators for UK residents

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    If your postal address reads UK, then you might stand a chance to welcome a free intelligent refrigerator into your dens. However it isn’t yet clear about how and when one can test his/her luck to chill out with this smart yet eco-friendly kitchen appliance. It is reported that 3000 “intelligent” refrigerators, which will adapt their power use to the ebb and flow of demands on the national electricity grid, are to be given away in a trial by the UK government next year. To attest its green trait, Department of Energy and Climate Change stated that based on such a dynamic demand technology, gadgets can help Britain to save about 2m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and a further £222m in energy savings.

    It works like this – An algorithm device sits in the fridge and monitors grid frequency and if the grid frequency goes up or down it adjusts energy use within safe parameters. Such a clean green demand technology has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the grid’s capacity to absorb wind energy.
    Though as of yet such an application is seen in refrigerators, in future we can hope to install air conditioners, immersion heaters and electric chargers based on the dynamic demand technology.

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