• Four energy efficient Impact devices for a green impact on your lifestyle

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    What do you do to create maximum impact on people around to motivate them about energy efficiency? Put together a dishwasher, an application, a fridge and a clock. Well, that’s exactly what the guys at Carbon and Artefact thought of while putting the bits and pieces on these together. Energy efficiency, in a smart, innovative and highly applicable way, the Impact range is here to stay. All the stuff here, going under the Impact name tag, look futuristic and are highly energy efficient. The Impact Dishwasher uses a light-up control panel that switches on with a finger touch and boasts an energy bar with a green light, that works somewhat like those energy bars you have on your video game screen for your fighting superhero. You can set the time by which the dishes need to be cleansed and it automatically sets the start time and the energy expenditure.

    The Impact Fridge uses an energy bar to, that decreases every time you open the fridge door, owing to a loss of cooling and replenishes when the fridge cools again.
    The Impact Watch does more than just show time fly by, and its hour hand depicts the energy level used in the house, by moving inwards and outwards.
    The Impact Application is developed for hand-held devices, and shows up information on energy consumption and works as a remote control too, to flick the temperature of your thermostat with blogging facilities too!
    Impact your world with this range of products that bring energy-efficiency across your doorstep and into your home.
    Thanks Barb!

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