• Five reasons why you need a PC diagnostics software

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    Computers are complex machines with different hardware, software, and a multitude of other components and systems that work in harmony. However, just like all complex electronic devices, PCs can also malfunction, experience technical glitches and other issues.

    Irrespective of what the issues may be, the key factor to identifying and resolving them is a good diagnostic process, using which, it becomes simple to understand whether the problem can be fixed without much hassle, or if a more serious intervention is required.

    A variety of intelligent solutions are available in the market today, in the form of computer diagnostic software and tools. PC diagnostic software and tools serve as a diagnostic powerhouse for each crucial component of a computer, as they are able to seamlessly communicate with any part of a computer and figure out what the real problem is.

    PC diagnostic software comprises of specialized tools, provided by various brands. One such popular provider of PC Diagnostic Software Solutions is Eurosoft. An expert in Computer Solutions, Eurosoft has different diagnostic tools and offerings that are great for PCs in the manufacturing industry, in offices and in home PCs as well.

    Listed below are the top 5 reasons why a good PC diagnostics software is an absolute must in today’s times:

    1) Indicates power supply activity and variations/fluctuations

    Whenever a computer or laptop is switched on, it is a challenge for a regular user or a layman to figure out the power supply activity and the variations or fluctuations that happen. A good PC diagnostic tool on the other hand can easily determine if the power supply is correctly functioning or if there are any glitches. Thus, the software can indicate early signs of potential problems.

    2) Detects abnormal heat levels

    A common problem with PCs are abnormally high levels of heat starting to get emitted by the CPU chipset. When the CPU overheats, the easiest way of self-preservation when the PC’s cooling system cannot handle it is automatic and regular shut downs. However, a PC diagnostic software can easily detect and address this problem on time – say for instance, with an adequate cooling rig.

    3) Signals about the PC’s OS and BIOS problems

    PC diagnostic tools are no less than a boon when it comes to signalling about problems concerning a PC’s operating system and its BIOS. Diagnostic software/tools often come bundled with excellent antivirus programs that can easily detect viruses and malicious threats, which again are the most common ‘PC-crashing’ problems.

    4) Analyses Wi-Fi

    Often, the package of PC diagnostic tools includes a Wi-Fi analyser, which is a free tool that analyses the user’s Wi-Fi network’s setup in order to check if the wireless channel is interfering with any other Wi-Fi networks close by. Once this analysis is done by the tool, it will automatically recommend a suitable channel setting for the user. Although this may not be 100% accurate in crowed and dense environments, in cases of lower interference, it can boost the user’s Wi-Fi speeds by up to 5x.

    5) Weeds out network problems

    Network problems are very common these days, irrespective of Wi-Fi or Ethernet being used. PC diagnostic software helps identify and resolve unwanted network problems.

    Regardless of whether you need to keep a watch on your personal laptop/computer or are looking at safeguarding your system for professional use, PC diagnostics tools and software can detect and weed out all the problems and keep your PC functioning to the best of its ability.

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