• Facebook to go green with energy-efficient data centre

  • facebook-energy-efficient-data-centre-1.jpg
    Up ahead, logging on to your Facebook page and pouring out your heart on your “wall” won’t be so much of a polluting act, with Facebook drawing plans to open up an energy-efficient data centre. This one built in collaboration with Dell, HP, AMD and Intel, the big-shots in the computing world, will have a boosted energy efficiency of up to 38%! The data centre will also help save up and lower costs by 24%. Part of the Open Compute Project that has everything from the building’s design to the technical specs on public display, the initiative will help Facebook clean up its act and lighten its carbon footprint.

    With the world hooked on to social networking, it isn’t surprising that the Mark Zuckerberg –led firm is turning towards a greener future. At least we won’t be polluting the environment with ever page we like on Facebook!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on April 8, 2011