• ePlug to solve your wi-fi connectivity and also save power

  • eplug.jpg A recent report said that Wi-Fi is slowed primarily by interference between devices rather than congestion in an area. The solution for this comes with the new ePlug series from Hercules which will connect users to the Internet without the potential for network interference by utilizing existing home electrical wiring and also saving some power in the process. The device features smart chipsets that power down to standby mode, lowering consumption by 50 percent, and the company claims that it uses 20 percent less energy overall than competing products.

    The ePlug is a good alternative hence for your net security as well. It is sold in pairs offering 85 or 200 Mbps and costs between $99 and $149.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on July 4, 2009