• Energy-saving Living Light by Joon & Jung Studio blossoms open on detecting people nearby

  • Joon-Jung-Blossoming-LED-Human-Living-Light-1-537x358.jpgIn a bid to save a bit of energy while making sure the aesthetics of your living space remain intact, designers at the Joon & Jung Studio came up with this beautiful lighting solution called the Living Light. Using energy-efficient LEDs, this pendant lamp literally blossoms and lights up on detecting people nearby. With a programmed microchip working as its brain, this lamp slowly expands out when it detects movement around, and folds back in, switching back to the energy-saving mode, when the room’s empty. A great way to save up on energy, especially for those who just don’t seem to remember to flick the light switch off while walking out of the room, the Living Light is an energy-efficient lighting solution as well as a piece of eye-candy for your living space.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on December 21, 2011