• Energy efficient Patio Heater Table keeps you warm on cold patio evenings

  • Patio-Heater-Table.jpg Patio time will no longer be restricted to the warmer months. No longer do you need to tremble at the very thought of relaxing on your patio in winters. Not with the Patio Heater Table at hand to keep you warm! First up, it’s green since it conserves energy and effiently lends out heat to all those nearby. Also, it’s clever enough to turn on automatically the moment you’re close by. Walking away from it switches it off automatically. Stepping into the table’s 3 ft range triggers its motion sensors. Also, the table top won’t burn your hand the moment you touch it, if that’s what you’ve been skeptical about. With an 8ft power-chord, the Patio Heater Table uses 120V of energy and sure beats burning logs of wood to warm up. For $299, you can now enjoy a relaxing time on your patio all through the year!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 2, 2011