• Energy-efficient Mitsubishi air-conditioners power down when no-one’s around!

  • Air conditioners are known energy suckers and given the fact that the globe as a whole is slightly turning warmer by the day, the most of us resort to one of these to keep our living spaces cool and comfortable. Mitsubishi Electric Corp’s newest air-conditioning line, the ZW Series crafted specifically for home use are an eco-friendly way to cooling your home. Using a power-saving system called the Smart Stop System; these air-conditioners detect human presence and turn to low-power consumption modes when a room’s empty. To be made available in 11 models with cooling powers ranging from 2.2kW to 8.0kW, these energy-efficient air-conditioners will hit store shelves by November 2012 and will be priced at around $2,651 onwards.


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