• Electrolux’s top eight finalists for Designs for the next 90 years are green!

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    Innovative designs and concepts help us to chart a better picture of our future. Since we have thousands of such projects floating all over blogoshpere, Electrolux invited entries for home appliance ideas for the next 90 years, in honor of the Electrolux 90-year anniversary. Out of 900 submissions from 50 countries, only eight finalists are shortlisted. Themed “Designs for the next 90 years”, the aim was to create thoughtfully-designed products that will shape how people prepare and store food, wash clothes, and do dishes over the next nine decade. Since living green is the need of the hour, most of the designs are shaped for eco-friendly existence in the future. Every design is simply out-of-this-world and reading about them motivates me to hop on the time machine and fast forward to 90 years from today. Most of them revolve around water conservation but the one that caught my fancy the most is the Teleport Fridge by Dulyawat Wongnawa, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. His concept, “Teleport Fridge”, teleports food, eliminating the time and distance a person has to travel to buy fresh groceries or products from a store or farm. Using touch-screen technology as the interface for the teleportation process, the Teleport Fridge simply teleports food to compartments in its refrigeration and freezer units. Such a futuristic system can help to reduce or eliminate carbon footprints.

    The Naturewash by Zhenpeng Li and Renew by Louis Filosa are the most promising waterless washing machines of the future.
    Penghao Shan intends to counter the water shortage problem with Water Catcher. It is a flying rain catcher and water purifier.
    Le Petit Prince by Martin Miklica is a robotic greenhouse designed to facilitate the future exploration and population of Mars.
    Rickard Hederstierna’s Cocoon is a cooking device for the next century. Similar to heating popcorn in a microwave, Cocoon prepares genetically engineered and prepackaged meat and fish dishes by heating muscle cells.
    Another cooking gadget of the future is Nico Kläber’ Moléculaire. It helps to Print and eat your food.
    And after burping over meal cooked in such an avant-garde and eco-friendly manner, its time to wash and stack up the dishes in Toma Brundzaite Bifoliate. This space-saving, wall-mounted double dishwasher that allows the user to put dirty dishes in one compartment and use the other as a shelf for clean dishes.
    Anyone interested in coming with me to live in an era 90 years ahead?
    [Electrolux Design Lab]

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