• Electrolux offers eco-friendly products to Antarctica’s research station

  • electrolux-a+-rated-polar-appliances.jpg
    In Antarctica last month a zero-emission research station was open called the Princess Elisabeth station. For the comfort of the researches living there, electronics giant Electrolux offered to provide them with energy and water efficient home appliances to go hand in hand with the station’s policy of running entirely on renewable energy. The line of products that are mostly adapted to suit the researcher’s needs in this extreme climates include six washing machines, six tumble dryers, ‘A+’ refrigerators, frost-free chest freezers, double oven cookers, cooker hoods, microwaves and an ‘AAA’ dishwasher. The washing machine has an extra large door to use bulky polar outdoor gear as well and also saves electricity by using pre-heated water in the wash cycle.

    Electrolux has offered these kitchen and laundry products to 20 staff living at the station as part of their drive for a greener environment. They are also using this to test the emission free products and if it works well, they will promote it around the world hence improvising the environment. It’s a smart idea but better stuff always means more money so unless it is that attractive and useful not many would turn their heads.