• Efficient Home collection keeps tabs on your energy consumption for lower carbon footprints

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    Well if you’re looking to turn your living space into an energy-efficient one, here’s a line of products that could help you do the same. By Mathieu Lehanneur, the Efficient Home collection designed for Schneider Electric at the St Etienne Design Biennial includes real-time sensors and meters to help you keep tabs on your energy consumption and reduce that entire carbon footprint you’ve been stamping out all along. A network of home sensors, these devices can be consulted and controlled via the internet. These are meant to be placed in and around appliances and devices we use on a day-to-day basis, including the refrigerator, the television and such.

    So, have your home go green and energy efficient and keep yourself informed on just how much energy you’ve been using with the Efficient Home sensors.

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