• ECOoler cools home with water, without electricity

  • ECOoler.jpg
    The sun is shining and those pearly drops of sweat are busy making their way down your brow. You’re home sure needs cooling and we’ve just found a new eco-friendly way to do so, without the use of electricity! Designers Mey kahn and Boaz Kahnhave come up with a unique and seemingly practical way of cooling homes without the use of electricity. The process involves passing cold water through a tile-like system that connects via water hose nozzles top create a grid of coolers that work using the principals of water evaporation. Known as the ECOoler, the system does seem applicable to regions without too much of water shortage. Inspired by traditional Middle-Eastern architectural techniques and the Jara jug from the region that uses evaporation to hold cooling water, the ECOoler sure seems to be an innovative approach to home cooling.

    However, most areas that do require home-cooling methods also lack proper water supply at times. Maybe hooking this one up to a waste-water recycling system or a rainwater collection system could help!

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