• Eco-Navi from Panasonic detects and washes your stains

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    The Eco-Navi washing machine from Panasonic can detect how dirty your clothes are and whether they have big sweat stains. The dirt is detected by a light-activated sensor and the sweat stains are recognized by another sensor that sends tiny electrical impulses through the wash as it spins. In the end, the sensors – which actively monitor how clean your clothes are getting – lead to less energy and water consumption.

    The Eco-Navi saves on electricity consumption from 79 watt hours to just 72 watt hours and water consumption trickles down to 67 liters from 72 liters per load. Such filth detecting technology doesn’t come cheap, at a price of $3000 it’s certainly not for everyone.
    Via [Gizmodo]

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