• Eco-friendly Washing Machine does not heat water

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    AEG-Electrolux Super Eco L64850LE is a ‘green’ washing machine. Now you must be wondering how could a washing machine possibly be eco-friendly. It’s because the Super Eco cold wash technology saves upto 83% energy compared with Easy Care 40ºC, and 72% compared with Easy Care 30ºC. It does this by its unique way of using cold water for washing clothes. Is is the world first ever washing machine to use cold water in a wash cycle along with cold active/activated washing powders and solutions such as Ariel Excel Gel. So, with no heating involved, the washing machine offers great washing solutions even at low temperatures.

    The revolutionary feature allows the AEG-Electrolux Super Eco to use only 41 litres of water in its Eco Wash setting, against an average of 50 litres, by creating the optimum amount of cleaning foam.
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