• Eco-friendly, ultrasound technique dishwasher Onis by de Dietrich

  • Onis_dishwasher.jpg
    We are always telling you guys how washing machines and dishwashers are the devices that consume the most amount of water in any household. Many designs have been coming up on how best to save water and protect our mother earth’s body water mass. The latest to join the bandwagon is Onis. Designers de Dietrich has introduced this dishwasher that is environmentally friendly and also cost effective when it comes to electricity bills. It uses very little water and does not use any detergent – instead it uses a combination of ultrasound and any type of acidifier such as vinegar.

    Apparently they have used this particular technique as ultrasound is a fast cleaner as well. The company is also saying that washing time will be cut by half. The last straw is that this dishwasher will operate in closed circuit recycling the water.

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