• Eco-friendly eBook by Elonex for book enthusiasts

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    Save our forests is the most called out slogan in our times. So much paper is being wasted daily for no use at all. People however cannot really stop reading now, can we? Knowledge is wealth and reading is knowledge. So that’s why we have intelligent people coming up with such great alternatives like the eBooks. The Elonex eBook is now being retailed through Borders UK distribution network. It has a list of features particularly the Green Tick and RoHS that certifies it as an eco-friendly component resulting in a reduction of carbon-footprint. It is compatible with applications such as Adobe Digital Editions software and E-pub, preloaded with 100 eBooks, has SUDOKU, easy user interface, embedded with e-Ink technology with every page being electronically printed on the screen and comes with a longer battery life. The Elonex eBook costs only $311 and it comes with a 4GB expansion card.

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