• Eco-friendly Easy Health Juicer dishes out healthy drinks with little effort

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    Concerned about boosting your health as well as the well being of our planet? Easy Health Juicer is the solution for both the concerns. This eco-friendly kitchen gadget squeezes out the healthiest potion without consuming any electricity. A hand crank system helps to churn out glasses of orange, lemon, grapefruit, carrot or apple drinks. It is even helpful to serve medicinal juices of wheat/barley grass, sprouted bean and ginger with ease. Oh did I say, with ease? Well many of you may disagree on this as it is slightly inconvenient for those who are used to gulp down a glass of juice at the push of a button. But then eco-friendly health-conscious folks will go for the Easy Health Juicer as it cold presses the fruit or vegetables that helps to preserve the natural flavor and nutrients.

    For $42, it is also easy to dissemble for cleaning purpose. One more hitch is that it isn’t dishwasher-friendly.

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