• Eco-friendly cordless phone from Motorola bumps up talk-time

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    These days, we seldom come across a cordless phone that can create ripples in the phoney-world. However the latest Motorola digital cordless phone has managed to shine out with its futuristic design as well eco-features. The green Motorola D10 and D11 range of phones are absolutely user-friendly. It sports the intelligent ‘eco mode,’ which uses less battery power which in turn increases the talk-time. It is also fabricated out of 20% recycled materials to reduce the carbon footprint.

    Along with the eco-features, it also boasts of a run-of-the-mill cordless phone specs like ‘easy-to-read’ backlit displays, illuminated full-color screen, polyphonic ringtones, hands-free speakerphone, room monitor, SMS messaging, 3-way conference calling and 100-entry phonebooks. Further more both are tweaked to with a digital answering machine which boasts of both visual and audible message alerts as well as remote access to messages. If you are seeking a cordless phone for your eco den, then these green Motorola D10 and D11 are up in market.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on November 28, 2008