• Eco-friendly 50 Series monitors by Samsung use LED backlights

  • samsung-50-Series-Monitor.jpg
    Samsung have come up with a greener option to those bulky old energy sucking CRT monitors we’ve been using all along; an energy efficient and eco-friendly LED back-lit monitor. You might’ve stumbled across the 22 inch monitor Philips came up with a while back. Well, Samsung have gone a step further with their baby, opting for LED technology instead. The 50 Series monitors are available in four different models, the 20″ BX2050, 21.5″ BX2250, 23″ BX2350 and the 24″ BX2450. Measuring just three inches of a quarter thick, these monitors are sure to take the PC market by storm. Out of the four, the BX2050 is slightly different, with a 1600×900 pixel resolution, a 5ms response time, VGA and DVI inputs. The rest are slightly advanced with 1080p resolutions, a faster 2ms response time, VGA connector, two HDMI inputs and audio output.

    With a contrast ratio of 1000:1, these monitors will be available come July with prices ranged at 229 for the BX2050, $269 for the BX2250, $329 for the BX3250 and $359 for the BX2450. Samsung sure have put their green eco-friendly points across with this release.

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