• ecoATM unveils self-serving electronics recycling kiosk

  • 02.jpgThe ecoATM firm has had its share of attention owing to all the green technology it has been spawning all this while with some pretty innovative and practical eco-friendly kiosks that buy back and recycle consumer electronics. Now the firm has a lot more to offer with the technologically advanced fully automated eCycling Station with a built-in cash dispenser. This one’s more consumer-friendly and can be completely operated by the user himself. Unveiled at the DEMO Spring 2011, the kiosk gobbles up your electronics that need recycling in exchange for rewards.

    The ecoATM is the first company to develop kiosks like these that are fully automated and self-serve. Machines like these set up around will point the right way to safe electronic recycling.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Recycle, Tags: on March 1, 2011