• Ecigs vs analog cigarettes, which of these are a better health and environment-friendly option?

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    Kicking the butt isn’t an easy task and most people find this route to a healthier lifestyle to be quite difficult. Well, while nicotine does have a bunch of negative effects on a person’s health, perhaps one of the most dangerous contents of a regular cigarette is the tobacco and the myriad chemicals all packed into one death-stick. This is where ecigs or electronic cigarettes rise and shine. While many have jumped aboard the continual debate of the use of ecigs vs analogs, smokers do benefit from shifting to the former, particularly because of the fact that these lack smoke, ash, odor, and chemicals. Apart from this, ecigs also work better with the environment and don’t pollute both, our lungs and the environment.

    Quite a few smokers over the past few years have left behind their analog companions to settle for a much healthier option, ecigs. Non-nicotine ecigs are also available off store-shelves and contain e-liquid which consists of a solution of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, mixed with a bunch of different flavors to choose from. Smoking an ecig vs analog smoking is a similar experience too and isn’t too radically different when it comes to the “feel” of smoking. That apart, ecigs without nicotine aren’t addictive and are more or less a leisure accessory. While analog cigarettes can damage your lungs as well as the environment, ecigs keep the carbon out of the air, since these use harmless vapor instead of smoke. When it comes to personal health and the environment, electronic cigarettes score big in the ecigs vs analog debate.

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