• DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher does the dishes without water and works as a storage cabinet too

  • Given the fact that fresh-water sources aren’t readily everywhere and a substantial part of the human race has no access to potable water, conservation of fresh water today is the need of the hour. This amazing concept we came across is an answer to eco-friendly home appliances and makes no use of water to wash utensils! Called the DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher, this waterless dishwasher also doubles up as a dish-cabinet and cleans and stores your tableware. Using a carbon-dioxide based cleaning solution that uses supercritical carbon dioxide, or simply put, liquid carbon dioxide with an extremely low surface tension, the DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher sits snug above your kitchen counter and meticulously cleans all your dishes. Space-saving, environment friendly and a time-saving approach to doing the dishes, the DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher is a fabulously green concept indeed.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on September 10, 2012