• DryMate the energy efficient drier uses vacuum to dry clothes

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    Why crowd your lovely backyard, drying all those clothes your washing machine has been spouting out everyday, when you could simply use an awesome energy efficient clothes drier instead! Designer Nico Kläber came up with this smart and innovative technique to dry clothes. Known as the DryMate, this drying appliance uses vacuum technology to dry up you wears, resulting in a lesser use of energy at lower temperatures. Besides being green and energy efficient like we love it, this one makes sure you don’t need to stoop down to low while popping in your clothes and pulling them back out. The drums lower air pressure has the water evaporating at temperatures lower than 100 degrees Celsius.

    Creating a minor under-pressure saves up a lot more energy than having the laundry heat up to 100 degrees Celsius. Three cheers for this efficient clothes drier, the DryMate.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on July 30, 2010