• DoCoMo plans for an eco-friendly cellphone powered with kinetic energy

  • docomo_eco-friendly_cellphone.jpg
    Japan is the future of the cell phone industry and developments and innovations from the land of the rising sun have helped change the way we use our phones. As dreamt by Japan’s mobile big shot, NTT DoCoMo, the mobile phone will be an essential part of our lives, more than it is today. The company displays its technology in cell phones at the ‘Future Station’, located in a Tokyo skyscraper. The company anticipates the use of its wearable phone by the year 2020. This phone is to be made out of recycled materials. It’s uncommon for cell phone manufacturers to use recycled materials for production today, however this will not be so in the future. DoCoMo’s phone will also be partially powered with kinetic energy created due to the movements of the user.

    The phone will be capable of projecting images in the air in the form of a hologram. The people in Japan now use phones for entertainment purposes, buying goods and a whole lot of other applications besides calling. If DoCoMo’s dreams are realized soon enough, it will help change the world of telecommunication and help create a cleaner cell phone industry with its recycling policies.

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