• Designer unveils pants that wirelessly charge the Nokia Lumia 930!

  • nokia-wireless-charging-trousers-1The smartphones in the Nokia Lumia line may not be particularly known to be power suckers, but that certainly hasn’t stopped British designer Adrien Sauvage and Nokia from collaborating and designing these technologically-advanced pants! Created for London Collections: ‘Modern Man, these pants are capable of charging a Nokia Lumia 930 phone as soon as the device is placed in the wearer’s pocket, wirelessly!

    To do this, the pants have an integrated 2,400mAh battery as well as a DC-50 Induction Charging Plate sewn in. These pants need no wires to get your phone juiced and promise to keep the energy trickling into your device as you walk around and go about doing your stuff. We love this combination of technology and fashion. Tell us what you think with a comment below!

    [Via – Ohgizmo]

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