• Design a Solar-powered night rover and win $1.5 million from NASA

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    Calling all innovative scientific minds, NASA has just opened its doors to challenge engineers to design a night rover that can be powered by solar, for exploring other worlds. This move comes after the solar-powered Mars exploration vehicles are forced to shut off at sun down. But what is in it for you? Well, you stand to be richer by $1.5millions, and the contest is open to private companies, student teams and independent inventors as a part of Nasa’s Centennial Challenges competitions that are designed to encourage innovation and interest especially for space technology and exploration.

    The night rovers would ideally ensure that daytime activities like photographic imaging can be conducted with a lot more ease. It could also help conducting spectroscopic analysis of rocks and samples on a nightly basis that on a weekly or fortnightly basis. It will also increase the longitivity of the batteries that powers the machines.

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