• Damaged GameBoy resurrected from the dead, with solar energy

  • Damaged-GameBoy.jpg
    Give an innovative mind a damaged GameBoy, and you’d probably have something like this. Take Andrew for instance, who was given a damaged GameBoy to which he added a touch of immortality. Andrew split open a solar powered garden lamp and used the photovoltaic cells from it for the GameBoy. The GameBoy now soaks in the sun’s heat and juiced up, staying on forever, without running out of energy, so long as the sun shines. The solar powered GameBoy uses two AA rechargeable batteries that store all the energy it gets from the sun.

    If Andrew could power up a GameBoy with the sun, we’re pretty sure you could stick on a photovoltaic cell to that disused mobile phone of yours, try some of those DIY techniques and have it working with solar energy!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on April 5, 2011