• Crystalline solar cells and modules to be produced by LG

  • LG_Crystalline_Solar_Cells.jpg
    Earlier this year in July, LG had entered the league of companies manufacturing solar products with the release of their thin- film like solar cells. LG claimed that these solar cells were the most efficient in large areas (1.1 x 1.3 meters). LG has now ventured into the production of yet another type of solar cells and has announced the production of silicon-wafer based crystalline solar cells. The company has invested in the production line of these solar cells in Gumi, South Korea. The production line will produce about half a million solar modules every year. These solar modules will have a total capacity of 120-megawatts; enough energy to power up and lighten 40,000 homes. LG will start producing the first line of these solar modules by January 2010.

    This will be followed by another production line in the year 2011. LG’s plans to produce these solar modules should help spread the use of cleaner and efficient energy.

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