• COMPACT by Scarecrow – A Solar Powered Bird Disposal Device

  • COMPACT scarecrow solar device.jpg
    UK based Scarecrow has launched COMPACT which is a very innovative bird disposal device and first of its kind which uses solar power and acoustics. For farmers dispersing birds is a big worry and good old scarecrows are ineffective for large agricultural farmlands. Some farmers often use air guns to scare away the birds but there is no point in injuring and hurting birds if they can be shooed away more effectively using sound waves. Birds just need to feel the negative vibe that it is a bird hostile territory and they must navigate elsewhere. Bio-acoustics in COMPACT does just that and that too using solar energy, so it is a complete eco friendly device.

    COMPACT like devices give a glimpse of how integrated technology can give us green solutions in the near future. Integrating renewable energy in devices is not very difficult especially when they need to be installed in open like farmland or seashore where we can tap solar or wind power. We must reduce our dependence on conventional energy and these new range of devices give a hope that we are heralding in a green era in a big way.
    Via Edie