• Coke’s Plant Bottles made from sugarcane leftovers reduces carbon footprint

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    We all love sipping on Coca –Cola out of plastic bottles, cans or glass bottles. Now we can do so, out of ‘Plant Bottles’. As the name suggests, these bottles are made partly out of leftovers of sugar cane plants. The company has redesigned their plastic bottles that will now use sugar cane leftovers as raw material. 70% petroleum and 30% sugar cane leftovers that is converted to plastic after undergoing a handful of chemical processes is fused together to make the plant bottle. The bottle made its debut in Denmark, the country that played host to the United Nations Climate Change Summit last month. Use of these bottles decreases Coke’s carbon footprint by around 12% to 19%.

    However, skeptics feel that this is just another cover-up by the company’s part to show that they are turning green, while polluting the environment with empty bottles at the same time.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on January 27, 2010