• CISTA rainwater harvesting system launched

  • cista-ed02.jpg
    Architect MOSS SUND and industrial designers figlforty have introduced the CISTA Rainwater Harvesting System which is designed for urban environments. This includes an eight-foot stainless steel column that stores rain water within a vertical planted frame, allowing conserving water and increasing green space. It can collect 100 gallons of water at a time creating enough water pressure to operate a soaker hose housed in a storage compartment at the base of the unit. At the base, a climber is planted which grows up through out the frame. An LED indicator tells when the water level is high enough which helps the system expand a bit more horizontally or vertically.

    The CISTA will be launched at the 2009 Interior Design Show as part of the Prototype: Ideas for the Home exhibition. Those looking to have a greater element of greenery in their landscape this is undoubtedly a great idea and useful too.

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