• Chinese researchers develop hi­tech smog mask that’s compatible with smartphones

  • wearable-air-purifier-1Let’s not deny it, the air is not what it used to be. Urban jungles around us are being choked with exhaust fume and smog, now more than ever. Countries like China and India have been battling air pollution since more than a decade now and there seems to be no respite. To give the citizens of these heavily polluted countries some relief, a research team from Chongqing, China, unveiled this battery­powered wearable air purifier that promises to filter up to 99.9% of PM 2.5 fine particulates!

    wearable-air-purifier-2This technological upgrade to the otherwise conventional and now nearly redundant cloth mask pumps three cubic meters of filtered per hour. To test the ambient air quality, the device uses high­precision sensors. Users can monitor air pollution data in real time via their smartphones. While all of this seems promising, the concept did frighten us, giving us nightmares of a world where humankind can’t survive without plugging into one of these every day.

    [Via – Inventorspot]

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