• Changers solar-powered kit charges up portable devices using sun-juice

  • Changers-solar-powered-charging-kit.jpg
    Charging up your portable devices with solar energy now gets easier, with Changers’ new solar-powered gadget-charging system. This little masterpiece juices up everything, from your kindle, smartphone, USB device to your iPod and iPhone with solar energy. Using a “Kalhuohfummi” (TM) solar battery and Changers “Maroshi” (TM) solar module, this module generates up to four Watts per hour, a considerable amount indeed. Also, the solar panel can be attached to any window or sunny surface and can charge the kit’s 16-Watt battery in about four hours! For $149 a pop, this Changers solar-powered system seems to be quite the green way to juice up!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on October 21, 2011