• Carrier unveils the future of home heating and cooling solutions, the WiFi-enabled Côr

  • thermostat-1When Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner in 1902, little did he know that he’d be hailed as a savior and hero even a century later! The company he founded, Carrier, has now released a more futuristic take on indoor cooling and heating systems. Called the Côr thermostat, this Wi-Fi-enabled device can be operated remotely on devices like mobiles, tablets, or desktop computers. Sporting a 3.5-inch touchscreen, the Côr enables users to monitor and control the temperature of a home remotely.

    Apart from this, the device also lets users track energy usage and keep an eye on a home’s energy consumption. All of this data can be used to generate reports and the system then suggests tips on keeping energy usage low. The device is intelligent enough to modify heating and cooling patterns on its own, based on the suggestions. The Côr is being hailed as the future of home cooling and heating systems, given the fact that it also plays along with the Internet of Things ideology.

    [Via – Dwell]

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