• Cardboard Hexapod robot by Mike Estee is eco-friendly

  • 10-Cardboard-robot.jpgWhy sway towards plastic when it comes to building artificial life-forms when we could probably do the very same in an environment-friendly way! Given the fact that the world will indeed look to robots to fulfill its needs in the future, designer Mike Estee came up with an environment-friendly way to build robots, using cardboard. To start off with, Estee came up with this Hexapod made from servos, servo controllers and laser-cut cardboard limbs. Now this artificial being probably wouldn’t be all that useful as its plastic counterparts, though the fact that it uses an eco-friendly design that partly blends into the environment once retired and is partly bio-degradable makes it a promising development indeed.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on January 12, 2012