• Candy Futura Eco 10 Green dishwasher to keep the queen happy

  • Candy_Futura_Eco_10.jpg
    Women are floored watching a man doing the dishes, but no credit goes to the man who builds these modern marvels. So it’s an obvious fact that to keep the queen of the house happy you choose this green machine. The Candy Futura Eco 10 is an eco dishwasher that belongs to the Candy line called Ecological Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances or 3EKA. This green line appliance uses as little as 10 liters of water, there is space for 15 place settings with adjustable baskets and with a large enough capacity to hold 25kgs there is plenty of space for a dinner party without the need for washing up.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on October 8, 2009