• Brother Industries Ltd develops Vibration-powered Generating Battery

  • Vibration.jpgWho needs those silly old AA and AAA batteries when you can now have vibration-powered generators? Well, Brother Industries Ltd has developed these small energy generators, known as the “Vibration-powered Generating Battery”. Stick them up in your TV remote; give it a shake, and “presto!” your remote functions fine! So no longer do you need to fling out the batteries from your remote, watches and all those battery powered toys your kid spends time with. Just use these in each of those devices and give them a shake every time they drain out of power. The generator is available in AA and AAA sizes, with the average output of an AA sized one ranging from 10 to 180mW.

    Indeed a marvelous innovation, this one will sure have the green community sticking its head out for a better look, taken that generators like these will keep away the waste, production of more batteries, save up on energy and money too!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on July 20, 2010