• Bracketron GreenZero mobile phone charger cuts off electricity flow once fully charged

  • 11-Bracketron-GreenZero-chargers.jpgHas your electricity bill begun gently brushing the floor while you read it lately? It’s time to check on your home’s electricity consumption without further ado! To start off with, you could cut short those energy-sucking exploits of your unused appliances by plugging them off! Or, if you’re just too lazy to deal with it all, use the Bracketron GreenZero mobile charger to juice up your phone instead! The charger cuts of standby electricity use once the phone’s completely juiced and helps save up on energy while hand-in-hand extending your phone’s battery life, keeping away the fruitless phenomenon of over-charges. Priced at $22.56, these chargers are expected to show up at CES 2012 too!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on January 4, 2012