• Bladeless wind-turbine could save costs, generate energy moderately

  • Vortex 6m Prototype
    With the world’s increasing focus on sustainable energy options, energy harvesters are sharpening their focus on wind energy. This may be among the cleanest modes of power-generation but can also be impractical and expensive most of the time. A lot has to do with the amount of space needed by wind-turbines and the overburdening freight that the blades can lead to. A Spanish company ‘Vortex Bladeless’ has developed a unique design for a wind-energy generator that has a bladeless cylinder oscillating and vibrating within it, thus generating kinetic energy, which is converted to electricity through a linear generator. The cylinder is comparatively light weight and comes without gears or bearings, thus making it more convenient to install and maintain.

    The makers believe that the bladeless turbine will generate electricity at 40 percent lesser cost as compared to a traditional wind turbine. However, other than the price angle some experts believe that having a just a pole in place of the giant blades may lead to a capture of lesser energy. Also, as compared to the 80 to 90 percent kinetic energy converted to power, the oscillating turbine may only harness 70% of the total KE.

    [Via – Technology Review]

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