• Astronaut poop could be the newest way to power up satellites in space

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    The outer space is full of resources that can be used to efficiently generate energy, including solar energy and astronaut poop! Well, no one really has considered using poop to create energy in outer space. The guys at the United Nations though have been busy drawing sketches of a satellite that could just be powered using energy created from astronaut poop. The $5 million UNESCOSat will carry a load of Shewanella MR-1, a bacterium, in its cargo hold to check just how far the bacteria can be carried into space. These particular bacteria can convert feces into hydrogen, which can then be used to power up on board fuel cells.

    For now, the United Nations is busy with feasibility and reliability checks. We sure hope their plans succeed and poop-to-energy systems are developed for satellites far off into space!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on November 22, 2010