• Apple to recycle old iPads, iPhones and offer favors in return

  • c.jpgLooking for a better way to trash your old Apple device? Well, Apple is now offering gift cards for the value of your old iPads and iPhones if you hand it over back to the manufacturer instead of simply tossing it in a trash can or selling it off elsewhere. On returning iOS devices including old iPhones and iPads, Apple will present users with an Apple gift card of the appropriate value for United States users. In France, Germany and U.K., Apple will directly deposit the amount in users’ bank accounts. Also, these old devices will then be recycled by Apple, reprocessing materials and reusing components for new devices. A great way to retire your old iOS device, Apple seems to have being going pretty green by the day, and this initiative helps the manufacturer further score brownie points

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on January 16, 2012