• Aladdin-type flying plastic carpet could power up with solar energy

  • flying-plastic-carpet-1.jpg
    Flying cars might be well off in the future, though the world seems to have come pretty close to flying carpets these days! In our childhood, all we could do was dream of flying away on a carpet just like Aladdin, hoping we had pretty Jasmine for company. Now a Princeton graduate has come up with a 4-inch piece of plastic that could be the cornerstone of flying carpet technology! Using tiny conducting threads that electrify the plastic, this one propelled ahead a centimeter a second and requires air pockets to move forwards. Also, the inventor has plans to come up with a solar-powered version of the same.

    Now this might seem slow and too-close-to-ground for a while, though we’re pretty sure the world might just have a great way to fly with solar energy in the future, without the help of a magic lamp or an annoying blue genie!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on October 3, 2011