• Airborne Avalanche Rescue System uses solar energy to power up; helps locate avalanche victims

  • Airborne-Avalanche-Rescue-System-1.jpg
    Avalanches can prove hazardous and to decrease the amount of casualties caused due to these landslides of snow, designer Tatjana Rolle came up with the Airborne Avalanche Rescue System. This autonomous drone is capable of detecting and marking the position of victims and powers up using solar energy. Once notified in cases of avalanches, the drone quickly leaves its solar charging bay, looks for victims and marks their positions with bright paint contrasting against the white snow, enabling rescue workers to work their way to the victims quicker! Complete with GPS and ultrasonic sensors to measure distance.

    This concept could be a life-safer in times of avalanches and with a few modifications, could help earthquake-stricken areas too!

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