• Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller protects your child from air pollution

  • Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller 1
    Taking your kid for a stroll would not necessarily be something you would really be stoked about. Not with the global pollution levels reaching new highs. The Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller is something that resolves the problem of polluted air reaching your child. The idea is fairly simple and inspired by a car that recirculates the air within the chamber rather than outside. This is made possible with a special-designed filter that keeps the air void of any impurity or grime that may be harmful for your baby to breathe in. The glass lid also doubles up as a UV ray shield. A speaker within the chamber enables parents to communicate with their child via a speaker. It also comes with a muting feature.

    Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller 2
    While Air Shield is a novel design and brings with it the benefits of a pollution-free stroll, we pity ourselves to need such a contraption. With hardly a street to walk through where your child can be enthralled with the sounds of the birds and the rustling of trees, this is nothing short of preparation for a post-apocalyptic scenario.
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