• AA USB storage device that works as a AA battery

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    We all carry around some sort of data storage device at work, school or college. Here’s an innovative touch given to the usual USB data storage drive by designer Wonchul Hwang. Now Hwang thought a USB drive could do a lot more than just store our data. It could perhaps store energy too, for use in emergency situations. And with that thought in mind, the designer came up with the AA USB. This one, when hooked on to a computer, begins to charge up via USB and fulfills all the uses of an AA battery when required. Using a lithium-ion battery and equipped with an electricity indicator, the AA USB makes sure your camera clicks the right pictures and keeps your torch light shining bright when your disposable batteries run out.

    Indeed a creative and practical twist given to the USB storage device, the AA USB makes sure you remained powered on when your normal batteries drain their life out.

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