• A Trendy Kill-A-Watt Graphical Timer for Modern Eco Homes

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    For all those people who really want to become more eco conscious and save energy, Kill-A-Watt Graphical Timer the better improved digital version of mechanical Kill-A-Watt timer will be a boon. It not only monitors, measures but can help you control your power consumption through the day and week. It can calculate power consumption of your electrical devices in Kilowatt-hour and can be programmed to set ON/OFF period for all 7 days of the week. It has a memory to store up all measurements and programs and there is a visual LCD display too. It comes packed with great features and is a must have for all eco conscious people to make their homes green eco homes by cutting down on energy consumption.

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    Kill-A-Watt Graphical Timer is a surge protector too for protecting all expensive household and office electrical equipments from voltage fluctuations. It can also read energy efficiency of all appliances. In short it can troubleshoot all your power consumption related queries and worries. The green gadgets are making hay because individual effort to conserve energy and control carbon emission has become essential.
    Via RedFerret