• A tank that plays music with energy from the sun

  • The-MusicTank.jpg
    While most tanks are meant to cause a load of destruction, bombing out enemies at wars and such, we came across a tank that simply plays music, to kick in the vibe at outdoor parties! This Solar Powered 2.0 stereo system rolled out, snug in a shell of a tank. Known as the Music Tank, the contraption makes music portable and is ideal for use outdoors. So be it a barbeque party, a lawn sprinkler party or some fun at the pool side, lug this one around to play your favorite tunes for you, powered by energy from the sun. We aren’t sure what the gun really shoots out, though we’d be all happy if some hotdogs shot out of there!

    A lovely innovation that adds a somewhat intimidating and musical touch to your outdoor fun, the Music Tank!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on February 14, 2011