• A star-filled experience at night, with the green Starry Night Light

  • starry-night-led-lighting1.jpg
    The night sky in a city is a lot different today from the way it used to be before. You can thank pollution for that. Those lovely stars we loved lying on our backs and looking at are now hidden away, covered by those layers of smoke and dark clouds. Here’s a creation by designers Dr. Lin Hui-Hsiung, Huang Shao-Wei, Chiang Chung-Kai, Yang Wen-Hsun that bring back those starry nights. A nightlight using transparent light collecting modules, this one collects light energy when the main bulb is lit up, using it to charge up a battery which in turn powers up those twinkling LEDs. Switch it from the normal bulb mode to the nightlight mode and you’ll be awestruck at the beautiful lights, powered up in an energy efficient way.

    Starry starry nights are back again, this time you can lie back at home and enjoy the lovely lights twinkling above you.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on December 9, 2010